ESA COVID-19 Information Page

The following is an update regarding all ESA Soccer Activities as it relates to the COVID-19 guidelines from the State of Connection and the CJSA.  Please check this page often for updated information.  Should you have questions please email Amy Griskus our Safety Coordinator at  Stay safe and healthy.  Thank you.

~ ESA Executive Board

State of CT Updated Sports Guidance

Updated March 19th, 2021

The state of Connecticut has released an Updated Sports Guidance Summary.  These updated measures are effective starting March 19, 2021.  The CJSA has released a bulletin showing the modifications and what is allowed. (See the picture to the right.) The changes from winter to spring consist of the following major bullet points.

  • Interstate sports competitions are allowed.
  • Tournaments are allowed, subject to DPH guidance.
  • Masks are to be worn by ALL participants indoors, players, coaches spectators, and referees.
  • Masks are to be worn by spectators, coaches, and players on the bench outdoors.  It remains recommended but not mandatory for those on the field, actively participating.
  • Youth athletic events shall not exceed 25% capacity, capped at 200 spectators, whichever is LESS
  • Clubs / Teams must keep accurate attendance of who is present at all games and training for tracing purposes.
  • Teams or individuals traveling outside of CT for more than 24 hours for the purposes of engaging in athletic competition should follow the CDC guidance for Travel during COVID-19.  This includes (but is not limited to) quarantining at home for a full 7 days up come returning and getting a COVID-19 antigen or PCR test between days 3-5 or quarantining for a full 10 days upon return without testing.  Students should not return to school or other activities outside the home prior to the completion of the full quarantine period regardless of a negative test result and should continue to remain away from school and other activities if they have any symptoms of COVID-19.

To review the CJSA Return to Play document, please click here. To view the updated guidelines on the State of Connecticut website please click here.

The Enfield Soccer Association has reviewed all the updated guidelines.  We will adopt these guidelines for the Spring 2021 season, these guidelines will stay in place until amended by the State of Connecticut and/or the CJSA.  Should you have any additional questions on the ESA return to play guidelines please email our Safety Coordinator Amy Griskus at

The start of the season is just weeks away.  Stay safe, healthy and we'll see you on the field very very soon.

ESA Executive Board