Opens: May 28, 2021 12:00 AM         Closes:  September 4, 2021 11:59 PM

Our programs have grown again for the fall, click on the image above to see a description of all the offerings we have for Fall Soccer.  If you should have any questions please email us at

ESA's Player Development Academy welcomes Coach Kate Battista and Coach Maggie Sayers!

The Enfield Soccer Association is ecstatic to announce that Coach Kate Battista and Coach Maggie Sayers have joined the ESA Academy as development staff coaches starting this Fall.

Coach Kate is the Enfield High School Girls Varsity soccer coach, and Coach Maggie is the Enfield High School Girls Freshman coach.

They will bring even more coaching knowledge to our coaching staff.  The dedication all the ESA coaches have to the development of the ESA players and the future of soccer in the Town of Enfield is second to none.

Registration is open now, you can register at Sign up today!

Mask Wearing Update as of May 19th, 2021

This update comes from our governing body the CJSA to align with the recent changes released by the CDC and the State of Connecticut.
Effective May 19th, masks are not required to be worn by anyone, outside, this includes spectators in the youth sports environment.
Please Note:
  • Anyone can continue to wear a mask if they wish.
  • Local municipalities may have their own rules that should still be followed.
  • Towns allowing the use of their fields may have their rules that should still be followed.
  • Privately owned facilities may have their own rules that should be followed.
  • Visiting teams are still required to adhere to any of the local or privately owned facility rules. It's best to clarify any rules before traveling.
As of this update, there is no change in the role of the mask with coaches and players, a specific update on that is expected soon. Masks are still to be worn by coaches and players when on the bench.
Quarantine Time - A shortened quarantine period of 10 days with a negative PCR test on day 8 or later for individuals who remain asymptomatic throughout their quarantine period has been approved.
Quarantine guidance for close contacts and those engaging in the out-of-state competition have been updated to include language that exempts participants who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 in the prior 90 days from quarantine, provided they remain asymptomatic.

The Enfield Soccer Association Mission Statement

The Enfield Soccer Association (ESA) is a non-profit organization committed to providing great experiences through youth soccer. ESA’s mission focuses on developing youth soccer players of all abilities in a safe, fun, and positive environment. We strive to provide our youth players a high level of coaching by incorporating the best training available. ESA is also driven to help our players mature as productive members of society through encouraging the development of important life skills. We believe what they learn on the field and as a team will give them the confidence and motivation to be the best version of themselves.

The Enfield Soccer Association's Core Values

  • The Enfield Soccer Association serves our members in a caring and respectful manner.  Disparaging members through words or actions will never be tolerated.

  • The Enfield Soccer Association values input from its membership.  We are always open to new ideas and offers to help improve the organization.