What is ESA's Recreational Soccer Program? Is my child ready for it yet?

Recreational Soccer is often the first soccer experience a child has. With that in mind, our program focuses on providing an opportunity to develop soccer skills within a fun relaxed environment.  Our player development philosophy is designed by Carmen Nuccio, and our skill development program is designed by Jay Rousseau, who both have an extensive background in soccer development and boast impressive playing resumes.

This curriculum is specifically implemented to work on soccer basics and geared to ensure that as the players grow, they can seamlessly transition up through the levels of our program, whether it is the academy, competitive, or potentially beyond. We believe that our recreational program is ideally suited to help children have fun and grow both as young people and as soccer players.  The registration fees for the season are 90 dollars per player. (This includes a uniform.)


Age Groupings:  Subject to change based on final registration numbers

6U – Players born in 2019.  Also, players with previous soccer experience born in 2020.
7U – Players born in 2018.
8U – Players born in 2017.
10U – Players born in 2015 & 2016.
12U – Players born in 2013 & 2014.
15U – Players born in 2010, 2011, & 2012

The goal for 6U, 7U, 8U, 10U, and 12U is to have at least 4 teams within each division.  Age groups may have to be altered based on final registration numbers.  Divisions will be set up as gender-specific or co-ed.  All games and practices will be in Enfield.

New 15U age group:  The goal for 15U is to form separate girls and boys teams.  Teams will be entered into a regional league that competes with teams from other towns.  All practices are in Enfield and roughly half of the games are in Enfield.

6U, 7U, 8U – Uniform (provided by ESA), shin guards, cleats, socks, size 3 soccer ball, water bottle.
10U, 12U - Uniform (provided by ESA), shin guards, cleats, socks, size 4 soccer ball, water bottle.
15U - Uniform (provided by ESA), shin guards, cleats, socks, size 5 soccer ball, water bottle.

What is the cost to play recreational soccer?

The registration fee is $90 for the season.  Included with the registration fee each player will receive a full uniform (jersey, shorts, socks).   The deadline for the spring season is March 15th.  The deadline for the fall season is August 15th.  Registrations after the deadlines incur late fees.

Are there any multiple sibling discounts?

Our programs are already offered at a discounted price due to the many generous sponsors in the Enfield area that help subsidize the costs.  Some of the surrounding town soccer organizations within Connecticut are currently charging around $200 a season for their recreational programs and $300 for their academy/competitive/high school programs.  We do want to help though.  If a family has 3 or more children enrolled within our recreational/academy/competitive/high school programs, we will refund $30 back to the family.  We wish we could do more, but it’s the best we can do with our current fee structure.  For the $30 refund, a request needs to be made to our Registrar via email at registrar@enfieldosccer.com.  The refund will be applied after the full registration fee has been received. 

Why are late fees charged when the season doesn’t begin until weeks later?

A lot of preparation and planning goes into planning a successful season.  We rely on several individuals that work year-round.  It includes purchasing uniforms, equipment, supplies, insurance, etc. for our players and coaches, well in advance of the season and in bulk.  Our late fees are used to motivate parents to register timely, as it is difficult to create teams and recruit additional coaches when players are not registered by the deadline.  Players that are registered late incur a late fee and also run the risk of not being placed on a team.  We do our best to place all players on teams, but if you register late and there is no room on any teams, your child will be placed on a waitlist.  For late registrations, we are also unable to take any special requests.  We encourage everyone to register early as it helps us better organize the league.

What is ESA’s refund policy?
  • Prior to the spring registration deadline of March 15th or the fall registration deadline of August 15th. – 100% refund allowed
  • After the registration deadline but prior to the first practice. – 50% refund allowed
  • Once practices begin no refunds will be allowed.
  • Players who register late and cannot be placed on teams will receive a 100% refund of the $90 registration fee but will forfeit the late fee as an administrative fee. There is also an option to roll the registration over to the next season.
Any additional changes being made for spring 2024 season?
  • YES, We are expanding our recreational jamboree to include all of our recreational age groups.  We are also inviting additional towns to join us at our jamboree to make it a bigger and better experience.
  • We are moving to a more exciting World Cup format for our recreational age groups for 6U thru 12U. Instead of Team #1, Team #2, Team #3, etc. we will use country names such as USA, Brazil, Argentina and many more.  Uniform colors and logos will reflect the country name that is designated for the team.
  • All recreational players will receive medals at the end of the season.
Can I become a coach for my child’s team? How do we select coaches?

All of our recreational coaches are volunteers.  Parents are encouraged to help coach.  Without volunteer coaches there is no program.  Prior to the season there will be a coaching meeting to help parents become more comfortable on the field.  Our coaching directors also provide curriculum and instruction specific to the age group being coached.  It’s never been easier to be a recreational coach!!!  Coaches that volunteer get to pick their team’s practice day.  You can become a coach by emailing our Recreational Director, Matt Stahl at matt@enfieldsoccer.com.  Please consider becoming a coach for your child's team this season.  It will truly be a rewarding experience for both you and your child.

Can I request a certain coach?

You can request a certain coach, but please understand this is not something that we can guarantee.  We have some coaches that have been coaching for a lot of seasons and are often requested.  If we get 20 requests for a certain coach but there are only 10 roster spots for the team, the math doesn’t always work.  After you register and as we get closer to the season you will be prompted with a email by our recreational director for any special requests to be considered.

When does the season begin?

For the spring the recreational season begins in early April and concludes in mid-June.  For the fall the recreational season begins in early September and concludes in mid November.

When do teams practice?

Recreational teams practice once per week in the evenings.  Most recreational teams practice either on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays.  We do have some teams that practice on Mondays and Fridays, but it’s usually not a lot of teams.  Volunteer coaches get to pick their practice day.  The only way to 100% guarantee your practice day would be to volunteer to coach your child’s team.

Can I request a certain practice day?

Specific nights may be requested during registration, however we can’t always guarantee a specific practice request.  After you register and as we get closer to the season you will be prompted with an email from our recreational director for any special requests to be considered.  It is always best if you can provide 2 or 3 different days for practice availability.

When are the games?

Games are typically played on Saturdays, but some games also occur on Sundays.  Our recreational seasonal jamboree occurs on a Sunday.  Weather permitting we try and schedule each team for at least 9 games during a season.  All games for the 6U thru 12U age groups are in Enfield.  For the 15U age group, home games are in Enfield and away games are played in surrounding Connecticut Towns within the regional league.

How much playing time should my child expect?

At the recreational level, winning is NOT a priority.  It’s more about players participating in a fun activity, getting some exercise, interacting socially, and most importantly having an enjoyable experience.  It is our goal for every player to get at least 50% playing time during games.

Can I request that my child be placed with a friend or sibling?

If a sibling’s DOB falls within the same age group and meets all eligibility requirements for the division, we will group siblings together on the same team.  A request to play with a friend is considered but is sometimes difficult to accommodate.  After you register and as we get closer to the season you will be prompted with an email from our recreational director for any special requests to be considered. 

When will I hear from my child’s coach?

We have a coaches meeting that typically takes place at least a week before the season.  Coaches receive their rosters at that time.  Players will then be contacted within a few days of that meeting.