The Enfield Soccer Association’s PDA is designed for youth soccer players in Enfield looking to transition to a more competitive environment. The PDA's primary focus is to develop players to their greatest potential by providing top-quality instruction and exposure to high levels of competition. Our training curriculum has been carefully constructed by our dedicated and very experienced staff. The training and experiences offered to youth players in the PDA allow them to gain confidence and grow as players while developing at their own pace. The PDA instruction model closely aligns with the teachings of U.S. Soccer.

This is a very critical age in a young player’s development.  We have assembled a great team of coaches and trainers to lead our PDA teams. We have grown that team even more with the additions of Coach Kate Battista and Coach Maggie Sayers.  They will be joining our boys and girls PDA teams this fall as ESA Developmental Staff coaches.  Coach Kate is the Enfield High School Girls Varsity Coach, and Coach Maggie serves as the Enfield High School Girls Freshmen Coach.   ESA’s Director of Coaching Jay Rousseau and our Director of Player Development Carmen Nuccio, have done a great job building the coaching curriculum to maximize player development in the PDA.  Our team is committed to designing instructional training that helps each player reach his/her maximum potential.  The implementation of training and games also aligns with the small-sided development plan designed by U.S. Youth Soccer.

Families can certainly travel out of town to find similar high-level training programs that usually cost several hundred dollars, but why do that when we offer our program here in Enfield designed by our ever-growing team of extremely skilled, certified, and decorated soccer minds. The ESA is committed to growing the game of soccer in Enfield. We are invested in our youth soccer players. We strive to provide a high level of training and provide the children with enjoyable experiences through soccer.

Our coaches biography pages are under construction right now but will be available very soon.


Here we list some of the most frequently asked questions with regards to our Player development academy.

Q: What is the ESA Player Development Academy (PDA)?

A: The PDA is a competitive program of instructional training that helps 7, 8, and 9-year-old players reach their maximum potential. A primary focus of the PDA is to develop players to their greatest potential through providing top-quality instruction and exposure to high levels of competition.

Q: What are the age ranges for the PDA?

A: PDA is for players born between August 1, 2012, and July 31, 2015.

Q: Is the PDA co-ed teams like Rec Soccer?

A:  No, we offer separate boys and girls teams consisting of U-7, U-8, and U-9 players.

Q: What is the difference between the Competitive PDA and Recretional Soccer that we are used to?

A: The PDA plays under the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association in the Roots Soccer League.  This is a competitive league with multiple teams from Western Mass.  Games are structured in quick 15min thirds to allow coaches a chance to give their players extra guidance, and the referee is a "mentor" helping teach the laws of the game.

You can see additional info here:  U7/U8 Roots Soccer League

Q: Does my child have to tryout for the PDA?

A: No, there are no tryouts for the Player Development Academy, we welcome all players.

Q: My child has other activities other then soccer. Are they allowed to play in both the PDA and there other sports?

A:  Yes of course, we encourage players to do multiple sports to find out what they enjoy the best.  We understand soccer may interfere with other sports or activities.  Coaches will do their best to schedule practices ahead of time. However they can't always meet every families schedule.