Dave Moreau


Dave started playing soccer in Massachusetts at age six.  He continued playing soccer into high school, where he also played baseball and golf.

As a coach, Dave has been involved with both recreational and competitive teams in Enfield.  This past fall, he led his U-12 Boys team to the Roots Soccer League Championship with an undefeated season, as well as being crowned the CJSA CNC League champions.  Prior to this dual championship season, in league play, his team had seasons in which they had only won one game or didn’t win any games at all.  In addition to his U-12 Boys team, Dave also assists as a coach for ESA’s Learn2Play Program.

Dave adds, “I believe youth soccer is all about the kids.  The importance of development, structure, and having fun is what drives me to be the best soccer coach I can be.”

If you have any questions or would like to email Dave you can do so at the following email, coaches@enfieldsoccer.com.