The CDC announced changes at the state and federal levels that the requirement for mask wearing outside will be changing.  We are awaiting direction from our governing body, the CJSA, on how this mask change will impact us.  We want to remind the use and proper wearing of a mask is still required.  This requirement includes all players, coaches, officials, and others at all ESA events.

At this time, we have not changed the mask requirements set forth by the CJSA and US Youth Soccer for the Spring season.  The current requirements are that all spectators, players, coaches, and officials must wear a mask and observe proper social distancing.  The only time masks do not need to be worn by players is when they are actively engaged in gameplay or practice.

The Enfield Soccer Association expects that coaches will remind and enforce our guidelines with players, team officials, and spectators and support any expectations of the local Board of Health while traveling to play in other towns.

As more information becomes available from the State of Connecticut, CJSA, and the US Youth Soccer, we will share it with you.  However, we will continue this Spring with all guidelines set since the start of the season.  This includes fully vaccinated people.  The safety and well-being of our members is our top priority.  We will continue to ensure that our members and players have a safe environment to participate in.

If you should have any questions, please lets us know.

Thank you,

ESA Executive Board